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Using the right index finger to play the music

Traditional technique of arrow targeting

In Western Uganda, a musical technique was developed many generations ago that both entertains and sexually stimulates the women in the tribe.  The men cut a bough about 2 meters in length, inserting one end in the ground.  They then bend the bough, tying a single string at one end; the other end is fastened to a metal plate that is placed over a hole dug in the ground.  Stones are placed on the metal plate to keep it from moving.  Using the right index finger, fully extended, they pluck the string with a horizontal back and forth movement.  With the left hand they modify the sound produced, similar to the action employed when playing a guitar.  Simultaneously, a melody is sung.

The horizontal back and forth movement of the index finger mimics the action of a man holding his erect penis in the right hand and moving it back and forth over the labia (the inner and outer folds of the vulva, at either sides of the vagina) of his wife.  This stimulates and arouses the woman, most often bringing her to orgasm.  This technique locally called Kachabali or Western Jazz is supposedly unequalled in turning on women in that community and eventually driving them to orgasm.
As the story goes, this was developed originally as a method of foreplay to assist the woman in getting aroused.  The older men; Kojja (uncles), as they are called, give sexual instruction to the younger ones, in the hope that techniques such as Western Jazz will leave the woman sexually satisfied and ultimately remain faithful to her husband and not look outside the marriage for sexual gratification.

There are many such African traditions, like Kachabali, that are still practiced among more than 45 tribes co-existing in Uganda.  A cultural group in Mityana, Central Uganda, by the name of Entanda offers demonstrations of Western Jazz as well as traditional hunting techniques,traditional food preparation methods, honey preparation, tea and coffee roasting techniques and other marriage counseling/sex therapy instruction.  The Entanda group is divided into specifically focused sub-groups, each with a chairperson or head at most the elder who passes on to the younger members of the community, the traditional methods. 
With the hunting sub-group for instance, the focus is teaching the traditional techniques of capturing the various birds and mammals in the region. In recent years, these animals were over-hunted and their numbers greatly reduced, and regenerating the numbers has become most important.  Today, the captured animals are for demonstration and not killed but released into the wild again to assist in increasing the population of the wildlife

The traditional cooking techniques have also been passed on from generation to generation, and visitors to the Entanda Center, will be served foods prepared in the traditional Buganda way.  Both in the growing and preparation of food, these people pay special attention to everything being organic, as it has been for generations.  There are no food additives or preservatives used in the preparation of dishes, and the crops and animals are raised organically, without the use of chemicals.  The buffet that is prepared included many local dishes, including luwombo, which is chicken marinated with vegetables and spices, wrapped in banana leaves and slowly cooked for hours over a wood burning stove.

In addition to demonstrating the Kachabali, or Western Jazz, the Marriage Counseling/Sex Therapy sub-group gives detailed instructions on performing safe and satisfying sexual activities.  Visitors are broken into two groups, Male and Female and given instructions on the importance of foreplay, cleanliness and the significant role good sex plays in maintaining a happy marriage.

Jewel Safaris is well known for taking their clients to track the Silverbacks of Western Uganda and Eastern Rwanda, as well as wildernessadventure safaris to all the 10 National Parks in Uganda, and her East African neighbours, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.  Jewel Safaris incorporates visits to such groups as Entanda, in order to not only give their clients a more balanced itinerary, but also to allow them the opportunity to understand and appreciate the cultural differences between various African tribes and Western society. Through the process of learning about such traditions, we believe our clients will not only have a better personal experience but will also develop a better understanding of exactly who the indigenous Africans are.

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